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Welcome to the dark side of the code, stranger!

the genuine mtness viewsource style is now available for stylish here:

edit: mtness style is now available via stylish for firebug, too:


If you have never seen this before, you might wonder: Why does this guy put green code on black background? That is so-o old skool. Well, I’m old, and when I went to skool there were only IBM PC-10 in the computer science ‘lab’.
You know were that ’10’ comes from? This glorious PC had ten MEGAbytes of harddisc space! Imagine that, kids! That is almost the size of 2-3 of your MP3s! This computers had white on black monitors. But even at that time I liked the green screens more.

I have thought long about this issue, and I finally came to a solution:

The human eye is ten times more receptive for brightness! So the most sensitive part of your cornea is stressed by the background noise. It might not make sense to you in the first five minutes. But believe me, it really makes a difference after five hours of debugging! a : where a ; should be really makes a difference!

So, Green on Black makes you more precise for a longer amount of time. And programming is all about precision.

(If you do not like the green, and prefer blue instead, have it your way. )

The greatest trick M$ ever pulled
was convincing the world
that code had to be black on white.


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