Dear google, this is my feedback.

I have a great idea that you should use to improve Google Search.

And this is it:

“Hi there!
I love the new google image search layout and UI, honestly! Thank you for that. Especially the use of position:fixed for the functional elements. And the dynamic preloading of the results further down the page, sweeeeeeet!
After the image search i switched back to the web results page again, and then , d’oh, no preloading of elements. I just fell in love so much with the image search interface, so methinks it will be a truly great idea to adapt the image search layout on the web results page.

By the way, my search in this case was to find further information converning this japanese artitst, eho has made the most exceptional work of art and education I have ever seen:

Ah, and another thing:
As you might or might not have noticed, i am the maintainer of the nifty little userstyle
it is called mtness touchup: multicolumn [work in progress]

This would fit perfectly well with a webresults pos:fixed layout.

Anyway, please contact me if you want to discuss these issues further, i would appreciate a cooperation with you.

It is about time that we get to know each other better.

Kind regards, mtness”


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